I graduated from Ball State with my BFA in Musical Theatre in 2022.  After spending 4 long years (in and out of the pandemic) I finally moved to NYC October 1st of 2022!!! I am falling in love with the food, fashion, and wonderful personalities this city has to offer. The endlessness of New York will never cease to leave me speechless.

Growing up

I grew up in the corn fields of Toledo, Ohio with a close knit family. We bonded over celebrating the Greek culture from my Mom’s side and Irish culture from my Dad’s. My two incredibly smart older brothers have always remained close friends of mine. A typical afternoon in the Youngblood household was bound to include me dancing around pretending to be Julie Andrews while my brothers loudly debate the logistics of the Marvel universe, watching a physics documentary in complete silence, or indulging in family Rock Band battles.

When I was 3 years old I discovered the first love of my life… ballet! As I got older, I took on pointe at my ballet company and joined a competition team where I studied jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical, and contemporary. I got into theatre camps when I was in kindergarten and as I got older, dedicated a lot of time to doing shows, choir, and taking voice lessons. 

I also have an obsession with fashion. This is showcased in my bold wardrobe made up mostly of thrift store finds and items I have stolen from my Mom’s closet that she hasn’t seen in decades. If you catch me in a pair of flats after 5pm… call a doctor because I must not be feeling well.